Premium Acquisition

Domains are acquired from either premium auctions or drop catch websites.

High-Quality Design

The websites are either built from scratch onto new and premium WordPress templates or recovered from Archive.org to their former glory.

Money Site Ready

All domains are built for pointing to a money website. No detail is left unchecked to ensure they are quality ready for ranking.

Premium Hosting

Each domain is hosted with a different web hosting company with different IP addresses and nameservers.

Neighborhood Checked

Each hosting server is neighborhood checked to ensure the server is not shared with spammy websites.

Uptime Monitored

All websites are monitored for uptime and actioned upon when downtime is recorded.

Random WHOIS Details

Domains have either WHOIS privacy assigned or have random public details.

Multiple Registrars

Domains are registered across many different domain registrars ranging from premium to low-cost registrars.

Metrics Tools Blocked

All popular metrics tools are blocked from these websites. This ensures your backlink is protected from competitor’s prying eyes.

Quality Content

500+ human-written word posts with image/s, possibly video, and domain-relevant content. Your link will be (in most cases) above the fold of the article.

Custom Drip Feeds

You can control when the pace at which the articles are posted. This can range from immediately to days, weeks or months.

Multiple URLs and Keywords

Multiple URLs and keywords are accepted and we can suggest optimal anchors for your situation.

De-Index Monitoring and Replacement

Domains are monitored for indexing and if de-indexed, links are moved to a website of similar metrics.

Foreign Keywords Accepted

Foreign keywords are accepted as anchors. However, all articles are written in English.

Restricted Entry

Links are not available for adult, gambling, warez (including game hacks/cheats), drugs, weapons, loans. Please use the contact form if you are unsure about your website before buying.

No Footprints

Website designs mix and mash different themes with different plugins to ensure there are no patterns across the network.

No Samples

To keep these links private, samples are not given out.

No Reports

Again, to keep the links private, no reports are given out at the end of service. However, links will eventually be seen in your Webmaster Tools.