Frequently Asked Questions

The article with your backlink will move into the inner pages of the website where it will remain as a permanent link.

The 1 / 6 / 12 month homepage option guarantees a minimum time for how long your link will stay on the homepage before slipping into the inner pages of the website. In fact, you could stay on the homepage longer than the minimum timeframe if the maximum OBL of the homepage (15-20 links) has not been reached.


The link will remain on the website for as long as backlinks are in any way important in the search engine optimisation process.

Yes and no, it depends on execution.

Search engines specifically state that paid links are against their terms of service. Meaning that if they discover a website has a paid link to another website, then they may remove the website in the PBN from its index. Sometimes, search engines may also apply manual actions on the websites receiving the backlink. This is normally the case where almost all the backlinks to the website are from paid sources, e.g. PBNs.

Generally speaking, if a search engine detects a PBN it will manually review the website. If the website does not pass the manual review, it will be de-indexed from the search engine’s results. This will result in the PBN having little to no impact on your SERPs.

If the PBN is executed to the highest of standards, then it will have a better chance of passing a manual review from a search engine and remaining in the index.


A Private Blog Network is a bunch of websites that you can add your backlink too (within a contextual article on the website). Backlinks make up a considerable part of the search engine optimization framework. When used strategically with your other SEO levers, backlinks can have a considerable impact on your SERPs.


Sorry samples are not shared for this service. This is a Private Blog Network which means it’s kept as private as possible. Keeping a PBN private will mean it’s protected from damaging backlinks or de-indexing from search engines.


The is only one upfront payment as listed on the website. Once paid and the article is posted, it will permanently remain on the website at no extra cost.


Reports are not given out for this service. This is to ensure the Private Blog Network remains as private as possible. Keeping a PBN private will mean it’s protected from damaging backlinks or de-indexing from search engines.

However, you will be notified by email when are links are live across the network. Eventually you will see the links appear in your search console associated with search engine’s admin area.

Each website has a maximum of 15-20 outbound links on the homepage at any one time.

If a domain’s homepage is full, it’s temporarily removed from sale until a new place is available.

Once you’ve made the payment, the order will go immediately off to the writers. They will write the articles for each domain you choose. How long the writers take depends on how many domains you choose:

  • 1-2 domains (2 business days TAT)
  • 3-5 domains (5 business days TAT)
  • 6-10 domains (11 business days TAT)
  • 11-20 domains (15 business days TAT)
  • 21+ (20 business days TAT)

Once the articles are complete, the drip feed will begin. The default drip feed is one article posted per day. You can set a custom drip feed in the checkout when completing your order.


Sorry, but there are no domains in the network that suit these niches at the present time.

You definitely can, but like everything in life, quality matters.

Search engines have been stressing for many years now they are rewarding the quality of backlinks, not the quantity. This means that buying many cheap PBN links could have little to no impact on your SERPs.

This PBN network has been designed to help improve the SERPs of clients with any KW difficulty.