Ordered 30 Links for 6 months.

Order No. 2273

Review: (why I am buying these)

I have Ordered PBN links after a while (Was making my own but it’s difficult). I discovered a few links by Charles and I was amazed. He is keeping up to date with the PBN industry. You are getting a steal of a deal if you ask me. Similar links are sold at 15-20 dollars per month per link.

I know Niche Edits are raving these days but I don’t really trust them (Most of those links are hacked anyway, or being resold to you at 2-3X). Using Hetneo’s PBN with utmost care can rank you in high competition industry.

How i use his links:
I work on brand building, Diversity, and guest posting first and decide a monthly velocity after that. I sweep in 1-2 links for every legit link i get to the page. That way it’s safer and you get a lot of power. Trust me on this.
The niche I work on is damn competitive. With Healthline, WebMD and other sites at the top. If you have ranked anything in mattress niche (You would know how tough it is).

Positives of his network:
– Found really fewer footprints than my own network (there are footprints, don’t fool yourself if you think you can maintain a network and have 0 footprints)
– He has PBN money sites (Which get real traffic, He probably sells guest posts on it too lol)
– High RD to its Homepage
– Topical relevancy is awesome (Really loved this feature), if the site is on pet he will find a way to join your niche with the pet niche.
– Sites still don’t have SSL
– I still can use this for my clients as they will find their competitors on the same PBN (Clients hate that) if you are completely honest with them most SEOs aren’t.
Well, this is not a paid review (I gain nothing from it), You can PM me i will show you the screenshot of my payment for 30 links (You will pay the same).

Overall, This is a better deal than all the NICHE EDITS you are buying these days. Stay safe, Rank hard people ūüôā

I had placed an order of 5 links from Charles.
Right off the bat, the communication was top notch. He understood and helped me decide upon what kind of links would be suitable for my site.
Then as per the promised time, I started seeing the links on my GSC.
I started curiously researching about the domain and came up with a few doubts regarding backlinks and anchors.
Charles has been very helpful in clearing all my doubts with detailed explanations about how he had set up the PBN and how not so good links had been disavowed from the GSC.

About the domains:- They have some pretty good RDs and all the metrics look strong. The sites are set up really professionally and if there is link juice on inner pages it has been redirected to home cleverly. The site design looks professional too. I like Charles’ commitment in delivering a great quality service, thus, totally worth the price. I am building my own PBN and I am kind of following the same obsessive ways so as to not leave footprints.

About the Rank Improvements :- I am doing other kind of link building in parallel too, I had purchased 5 links from Charles. Since his domains have showed up in my GSC, i do see a lot of ranking improvements for my KWs overall. Its difficult to judge the impact so soon, and it is also difficult to judge whether his PBNs were responsible for the overall improvement solely. I will write another review in few months down the line. What I can say is that they are solid PBNs and I already made an order of 3 more PBN links from him. :)

Review: I dug deep into these sites as I was comparing with another service that I thought was pretty close.

1st things 1st: Hetneo’s PBN service here has taken my #1 spot.
The quality and power that he provides is the best that I have seen thus far here on BHW.
My most recent order I bought just 3 links and sent them straight to 1 url with partial matches and it took me from #6 >> to the #2 spot in Google.
I am earning daily now :cool:

Rankings increase:
hetneo is now the only PBN provider that I will purchase my links from. i have reviewed quite a few pbn services here, and fortunately there is a close 2nd in my book, but, after seeing the sites that OP provides here, these are the winner in my book.

These sites are no joke. @Hetneo PBNs are for the big dawgs that want to rank and rank safely.
The #1 factor that I have seen that separates his sites vs another top service here is that all of the topics on hetneos sites are all related to the topic and brand of the sites, and all of his sites look completely different.
OP put a lot of time and money into his Service, and it shows

Content rich sites, written in the best English I have seen on a pbn thus far. Flows well.
I found several post which have no links at all which is very nice.
All buttons and menus work exactly how they should.
email sign ups.
Most had premium themes, crafted well. 1 had old school CMS. Nice!
All sites checked, had clean anchors and link profiles.
no footprints that i could find what so ever.

Also the lowest OBL’s I have seen thus far on a PBN. Nice;)
Average of all sites I saw: 
RD: 489 !!
TF: 26
CF: 35
My traffic increase. Almost doubled and still climbing

Hetneo is a fucking super cool dude too. Always willing to help.

i have no cons. zero.

He has built the best PBN Service that I have had to date.
Impressive man. Impressive.:cool:

Here we are, 1.5 months after inquiring on ordering 135 PBN posts. As a preface, the PBN links were sent between two different domains. With one domain, the links were split (unevenly) to 5-6 pages, and to the other domain, it was split between 2 pages (evenly).


Only 3 PBN links were sent to that domain.


10 links were sent to this URL. The best change here is that it brought two keywords out of the dead. I used to rank for those keywords but got penalized for them at some point.


Two different URLS are here, but from the same domain. About 40 links were sent here. I’ll be honest, expected a bit more of a bump.


Nice pop here. Total of 21 links sent to this page. The last link actually only went up last week, so more movement will likely come.


So I had 5 links sent here…and unfortunately, I actually lose some important ranks here.


5 links sent here, and good movement.


Overall, the service is definitely good. The domain metrics are strong, and most importantly – clean. For the content, it is manually written and understood, but keep in mind that Hetneo will make sure to intertwine the domain’s topic with your site’s topic. When doing so, the majority of the post will be on the PBN’s topic, not so much on your topic. The reason why I’m saying this is because you really want to make sure that your on-page SEO is strong before using these links. I also advise against using any exact match keywords, since for PBNs, it’s not worth it. Save exact match for outreach!

I actually just placed another order for 80 links with Hetneo, that should tell you enough. Last thing I want to mention, the support is fantastic. Charles (Hetneo) and I nearly speak daily, he’s the real deal when it comes to the SEO world.

Edit: I will update my review if I see further drastic movement. 1.5 months is actually not enough time to see the true power (or lack of power) for backlinks, so there might be even better movement to come!

Here’s my first review, I received one free link by the OP.

– Very fast turnaround (less than 48 hours for that one link)
– Solid metrics: the link is on a DA 28 PA 17 blog page, in the first paragraph of a >500 word article that’s research-based and unique
– and because it’s in the excerpt part, the link also appears on the PA 29 home page, currently as the top blog entry
– The site is based on a common but outdated WordPress version
– There’s a long “About” page, a few more articles (all in one category), a working contact form and a couple of (unclickable) relevant ads on the homepage
– The site is indexed on Google

– OP is great to communicate with, highly appreciate the contact with a pro who obviously knows his stuff yet is humble and a good listener
– The targeting seems to fit, and the link appears so natural in the flow that you have to look twice to recognize that it leads to a money page. Kudos!
– The article itself is very well written, picks up a true story and doesn’t overlap with the articles on my site at all. It really brings a fresh new idea into the search game.
– The site looks very much like a real site. You and I know it’s probably partly resurected from, but there’s no trace of it
– The about page carries a credible, googlable back-story.

Question marks:
– The niche of the site was a big surprise for me, I wouldn’t have associated with my niche for a moment, but the article manages to bridge the two worlds perfectly:
it really supports the main story of my niche, yet at the same time covers a story about (real) research that is highly relevant to the site in question.
– The site looks rather thin. There’s only one category, a handful of blog posts.

To be checked over time:
– The article is so well adapted to the blog that I wonder how the OP is handling this for a normal order where he has to fulfill not 1 but 10 very different sites
– How long will the front page blog entry last? Currently there’s not a lot going on on that site, maybe the lifespan is inded beyond the 3 months offered
– What will be the effect on ranking: I’ve used a very new money site and will report back with position moves.

Summing up:
great copywriting, very natural embedding of link, a real addition to own SEO activities. Will now check effects, then go for more.

I received a post in this network in exchange for a review.

Positive points:

  • Great metrics – TF19,CF31, 6.88k backlinks, 49RD
  • Content was well written
  • Blog is very well set up – fully customised including a decent looking logo that matches the sites niche, banners etc.
  • Site built around a particular niche to match the domains history – makes it look 100% legit
  • No footprints as far as I could tell
  • Site load time was fast which tells me that decent hosting is being used
  • I read in the OP that uptime monitoring is being used which is great to see as well
  • Good communication from OP who also responded to my feedback – both positive and negative
  • OP went to great effort to make sure my niche was accommodated without damaging the niche of the site itself – tells me OP is taking good care of this network and the sites on it
  • Site also had a link from a very prominent website, which I won’t mention but it definitely adds value to the link

Negative points:

  • Sites were not using SSL which is a minor issue but something I think will become important in the near future to avoid red flags
  • It will be nice to see more blogs in the network so that different niches can be more easily accomodated


I included those two negative points to make the review comprehensive, but in my opinion they are definitely minor points. This feels like a great service because it is obvious OP values this network very highly and as such has putting lots of care and attention into building and maintaining it. I would definitely put this up there with some of the top PBN networks on blackhatworld.